Uniquely Beautiful, One-of-a-Kind and Legally Licensed Diamond Painting Kits

How did Bella Sephina start?

I accidentally discovered diamond painting in 2018 when I was browsing through  a craft store looking for something for my after school program kids to do.  It seemed like something they might be interested in. 

I took it back to school and the kids and I explored the kit together.  They were hooked and so was I.  We wanted more kits. I began searching around the internet and I discovered a whole world of paintings to choose from. However, I didn't know what I didn't know.  

Many kits later, I began noticing differences in the material of a canvas and the sparkle of the diamonds. I set out to learn all I could about the diamond painting craft. I studied YouTube videos and companies. I learned the terms, learned about adhesives, the printing of symbols, the types of canvas materials, the sparkle effect of drills 

Missing for me were images that visually appealed to my sense of color, movement, angles, layering and details. I had spent hours on canvases with dead spaces, empty backgrounds and not much visually going on.  I lost interest as the act of drilling diamond after diamond and not reaping the visual reward of what I was creating felt unfulfilling. 

The idea of making my own images for me happened when I learned you could send a picture to a diamond painting company and they would make a kit out of your picture. That changed everything!  I sent in pictures I wanted to diamond paint but I didn't know what I didn't know about legally licensed images until I saw this Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7Vo44-B6bc&t=1279svideo by the wonderful Jessica from Tiny Worlds of Wonder.  I took the pledge to only purchase legally licensed kits and in taking this pledge I was back to not finding kits that spoke to my visual sense.  

In that space of loving the craft but visually craving more, I instantly married my design sense with my design skills with my desire for my dream kit. The decision to start my own company was made. I dove straight in with no hesitation but with a lot to learn. 

Through tireless effort and many obstacles, Bella Sephina launched for business in May of 2020.  I am still learning, I am still problem solving my challenges, I am still growing and changing, I am still reaching for my idea of a perfect kit and I am still loving it.

The magic of diamond painting is in watching a flat symbol map come to life with color and sparkle at the effort of your own hand while simultaneously allowing your mind to settle, your creative spirit to be fed and your stress to melt away. 

I hope you find a Bella Sephina kits that speaks to your soul. 



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