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"Ella's Wagon" Custom Toolkit

"Ella's Wagon" Custom Toolkit

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 White Drill Tray:  Rose Red diamond bling trimmed

 Cover keeper/Trash Cup: Rose Red diamond bling trimmed adorned with a yellow-centered white daisy

Wax Pot:  Sun yellow bling-trimmed cover rim with a double rose red and sun yellow satin ribbon flower base, dark green leaf nestled atop with a yellow centered 5 petal red flower and a little field daisy tucked underneath and filled with soft pink wax. 

 Specially Crafted Cover Keeper: Large AB round sun yellow crystal base seated in a silver metal cabochon tray with a white polka-dotted red ribbon and a little white field daisy center, with one secured and one loose magnet on the back. 

 Accent Cover Keepers:  Two (2) small red strawberries with a green leaf cap and a white filed daisy accent, with one secured and one loose magnet on the back. 

Copper Tip Pen: One (1)  Rose Red glitter wrapped copper tip pen with a tiny white field daisy accent on the 3 placer end. Copper tip is best for regular drills. 

Plastic Tip Pen: One (1) translucent glitter pen with a tiny white adorning the 3 placer end. Plastic tip is best for AB drills - won't scratch or take AB coating off the drills. 

 All toolkit elements are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and tucked inside a   gold stamped rose and leaf red organza drawstring storage bag.


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