Designer Showcase:Mother Mermaid

Designer Showcase

February 2024

Mother Mermaid

LICENSED Katie m. Berggren painted original artwork

Original Artwork

Hand Designed Rendering

Kit Features

This kit was manufactured in may of 2021 before the current resin shortage, the drills in this kit are 100% resin cut.

Resin for rounds will again be available for Bella Sephina kits in March of 2025.

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Don't pass up this opportunity for hours of relaxing calm,
The super twinkling sparkles will make you happy !

Extremely Limited Quantities

Under 15 Available

This Design is permanently RETIRING Feb. 28th, 2024

Katie m. berggren


Cited as the #1 Motherhood Artist in America:

" Growing up as youngest in a family of 4 children, I relished time & space to explore through writing, drawing and people-watching. Always interested in the dynamic relationships between those around me, I later narrowed that focus to study the sweetness between mothers and their children. As a mostly self-taught painter, I started my first business in high school when I launched a pencil-portrait business. Graphic design and illustration took me to Central Washington University and after creating and selling art while also owning a graphic design business for 6 years, I chose to focus exclusively on painting in 2008. Each day I strive to balance being a loving mother and a good businesswoman, while capturing intimate moments of motherhood in paint, with whimsical compositions and soothing colors. "

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Sooth Your Soul

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