Kit Krew

Bella Sephina Kit Krew

Do you have what it takes to be a public Influencer for BElla Sephina?

Requirements to Qualify


You must have previously purchased at least one Bella kit & had a positive reaction so you will be excited & motivated to share our kits with your followers.


You must have confidence in our quality & ability to solve customer issues so you will be comfortable promoting & standing behind our kits.


You must actually work on and show progress of kits throughout the painting process with honest feedback & impressions of your experience.


You must be willing to collaborate with other Krew members to link communities, promote special events & create a positive, inclusive DP community for all.

Social Media Responsibilites


Create unboxing, work-in- in-progress & finished kit videos with V.I.P Club & link in video description & use Kit Rating Scale to review, promote & recommend Bella kits.


Leave a review on with a picture of your canvas & a recommendation to purchase. Encourage followers to leave product reviews of their kits as well.


Participate as a Facebook leader & expert in both Bella Sephina "Friends & Fans" & "V.I.P Club" private groups. Invite your followers to join both groups.


Share to your FB group important Bella Sephina FB posts such as announcements, giveaways, events, & other relevant info that that will add value to your followers.

No-Cost Bella Sephina Product


You will be afforded one kit & 2 accessories of your choosing every other month (6 times a year) on an assigned monthly schedule.


You must order product on your assigned day of your off month. Product will ship within 3 business days of completed order.


Kits & accessories chosen by fellow Krew members will not be available for choosing. You will be notified of available product.


You have an order month and a video month. You will receive the Kit Krew newsletter with upcoming info. to assist you in planning.

Kit Krew Benefits & Terms


Receive your favorite Bella Sephina kits & accessories at a retail savings of $410 a year.


Unbox and review Bella Sephina product before it's available to the general public.


Receive surprise no-cost product for influencing and growing Bella Sephina kit sales.


Gain new social media followers by linking your social media on your Bella Kit Krew profile.

You Must

Believe, Craft, Collaborate, Create, Review, Participate, Share & Order

six times a year to hold and maintain Kit Krew influencer status for one year.

Annual Renewal Required

To continue Kit Krew status you must re-apply by December 15th for upcoming year.

Apply Here for 2024

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