Uniquely Beautiful, One-of-a-Kind and Legally Licensed Diamond Painting Kits

About Bella Sephina


I fell in love with diamond painting in a craft store in September 2019 as I discovered it completely by accident while looking for activities my after school kids would love to do.  The kids loved it and I did too!

Since then I have learned extensively about all things diamond painting in a short amount of time. To say it has become my life's passion is to understate the joy and contentment diamond painting has brought to my life's journey.

I am a teacher by nature and for years I have created the majority of the learning materials in my classroom. I have spent thousands of hours over the last 15 years creating original activities as I found that creative process such a joy.

I was searching for paintings I really wanted to do but the kits somehow just seemed "unfinished" to me..... my creative spirit wanted more that put the introduction and the curtain call to the image that seemed slapped on a cold.  

something I just couldn't find. I love roses, lace, pearls, soft colors, bright colors and images that tell a story. I soon realized I have the skill and know how to design the kind of paintings I couldn't find anywhere.

Bella Sephina Diamond Art Designs was born when I discovered I could create what I was missing. The two most influential loves of my life were my Dad and my little Italian grandma Nani. You'll find a sprinkling of Italian in my collections. My Dad's name was Jo(seph), my Nani's name was Fior(ina). Bella SEPH-INA is a celebration and remembrance of their sprits and joy.  

I hope you find joy and peace in your painting time and I pray my work brings you warmth, comfort and joy.



I made so many mistakes in buying kits when I first started Diamond Painting. I had no idea that I didn't know what I didn't know.

The type of canvas matters, the quality of the diamonds matter and legally licensed images matter!

I have studied, learned and sought out important information to transform my painting experience from regretful to extraordinary!

I have a stash of paintings I wish I had not spent my hard earned cash on! They are collecting dust on a shelf and I don't want to waste my time. I have learned about quality and want to pay it forward to you. 

I will only design and offer you the highest quality, carefully crafted designs that I will be spending my own precious time and hard earned diamond painting money on. 

The money and time we invest doing this amazing hobby that we LOVE, should be respected and honored through the quality and integrity of the kits we are offered.

Design integrity and product quality is my Bella Sephina pledge to you. ❤️


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