HI, I'm Sandy. I love diamond painting and I love graphic designing. I combined my two passions to create my own diamond painting canvases that I feel are interesting, artful and a joy to work on.

I design two types of canvases:

Original Arrangement

An original arranged design begins with a blank slate. I purchase licensed digital clipart sets that can be used commercially. I create an original design with the clipart pieces, adding borders, backgrounds and pretty embellishments for a visually pleasing, uniquely beautiful & one-of-a-kind diamond painting piece of art.

Enhanced Artist

An enhanced artist canvas is a finished piece of art by a particular artist who has agreed to license the artwork to me to be created into a diamond painting. I add borders and embellishments to compliment the artwork for a uniquely beautiful presentation of their original idea. I enjoy presenting their art in a uniquely beautiful & distinctive way.

I then send off the design to the factory in china who turns the art into kits shipped to my door here in Maine .

QUALITY ASSURANCE: I personally check every canvas for drill field & diamond issues before I package to present to you.

Creativity Beyond Graphic Design

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ABOVE: Standard tool kits for all Bella kits.

I am a crafter at heart and my vision to diamond painting kits goes beyond the graphic designing. I love creating embellished toolkits whether blinging up the standard tools or creating a themed toolkit to match the story of a canvas design.

I am continuously experimenting with new accessory ideas to turn the standard ho-hum, cookie cutter, kit feeling into an upscale, luxurious, designer experience with the personal pampering you need & deserve.

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ABOVE: Handcrafted toolKit to match "Angel of Peace" kit

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About Our Name

When thinking of a name for my little home-based business, my heart instantly went to my Dad and my little Italian grandmother who I called Nanny and who always greeted me with a love-filled "Hi Dolly!". They were my home and my source of unconditional love, both leaving a huge hole in my life in 1997 & 1998. My Dad's middle name was Joseph and my Nanny's name was Fiorina. In combining them along with our Italian heritage, our name Bella Sephina was born. There's nothing better than keeping them alive and entwined with my love of diamond painting that gives me the same feeling of calming, soothing, comfort and joy as they did.

Sandy, Dad & Nanny 1991

"Grazie per aver speso il tuo prezioso tempo imparando un po' di me."

Thank you for spending your precious time learning a little about me.

- Sandy

Calm Your Mind.

Sooth Your Soul.

Ignite your

Paint Your World Beautiful

Bella Sephina