Uniquely Beautiful, One-of-a-Kind and Legally Licensed Diamond Painting Kits

The Gift of Relaxation and Self-Care...........

Uncompromising Quality That's Worth the wait

Hand-Crafted Custom Kits

Bella Sephina Kits are produced with the highest quality materials availble to our China factory. I have personally selected each element and designed every detail. Quality takes time. The average time-frame in the production process at the factory is three months.

Each canvas is meticulously hand-charted by a desinger, taking anywhere from two to three weeks to complete.

Production of each canvas is carefully carried out. Canvases are printed with quality inks. Poured glue adhesive is applied by hand and heat cured for several hours. Kits are rolled and securely packed for a 30-day sea ship over the ocean to Californina.

California to Maine is the last lengthy leg of the journey. Off- loading the containers, processing through customs, routing to Maine and handing over to UPS. Once at the Bella Sephina art studio, your canvas drill field is inspected, drill bags are checked, canvas is hand-rolled, secured, paired with a toollkit, tucked into a beautiful Bella Organza bag and shipped from Maine U.S.A to your door.

What you will hold in your hands is a time-capsule. From concept, to digital design, to hand-charting, to production, to travel, to delivery, to toolkit creation, every detail of your kit has been loving touched by many talened crafting hands over many months.

From my and my team's crafting hands to yours.... may you enjoy every detail and moment of painting your world beautiful.

Uniquely Beautiful & One-of-a-kind Designs

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Available now! Processed and shipped within (3) three business days of order date.


In the studio and needing customizing. Processed and shipped within (10) business days of order date.


See what kits are in the final phase of production! These kits are being printed, packaged and shipped to Maine. Time frame to my hands is about 6 weeks.

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