Worry Free Guarantee

The most important aspect of your purchase is your happiness!

Material Quality & Workmanship Guranatee

Painstaking Research & Product Testing

Diamond painting kits are only produced by factories located in the People's Republic of China.

Extreme effort is taken to locate, talk with, purchase samples and use the product before a factory is chosen to produce a Bella Sephina diamond painting kit.

Quality changes, prices change, materials change and people change. Bella Sephina continuously strives to provide the highest quality canvas kits and that has required a change of factories many times.

There are many challenges in receiving a product made & shipped from overseas. It requires trust in believing the product will be made, shipped and equal the quality you believe you have purchased.

The one thing that will never be challenged is your happiness! Receive a replacement kit or Money Back for your disappointment and trouble.

Missing Patches of Glue?

Can't read symbols?

Fraying Edges?

Diamonds not Sticking?

Just ask for my help

We replace for Free

Diamond Spills & Shortages Guarantee


Accidents happen and when you're working, shaking, pouring, kitting, carrying, storing tiny 2.8cm little bits of heavenly sparkle, things happen!

But we've got you covered! Whether your mishap is from adult hands, toddler hands or exploring furry paws, we have what you need to continue your sparkling work of art!

Manufacturing issues happen... Run out of a color? Kit didn't have enough? We've got you covered here too!

We carry all 447 round drills in standard DMC colors and all 60 round AB (aurora borealis) drills for replacement. Crystal drills will be replaced by DelphinBlue on Etsy.

FREE Shipping

Flipped a drill tray?

Dropped a container?

Toddler? Dog? Cat?

Kit didn't have enough?

Just ask for my help

We replace for Free