Calm your mind, soothe your soul & ignite your joy

DIY Diamond art with no artistic skills required

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Life is Stressful...Rest & Relax

Calm Your Mind

Studies show when we use our hands on a task that doesn't require a great deal of brain power & concentration, our mind gets a chance to stop spiraling and instead, rest & relax.

It is pleasurable to take our brains "off-line & not uncommon to experience a breakthrough while mindlessly working on a project with our hands.

Take your Brain Off-Line

Soothe Your Soul

Working with our hands is pleasurable & the effort of repetitive motion that produces a result we can see, feel & touch activates the natural pleasure chemicals in our brain.

The result of our efforts is the reward of feeling emotional wellness rise in our soul as anxiety, stress, depression, fear & struggles diminish and quiet.

Feel Emotionally Well

ignite Your Joy

Purposeful creativity brings spontaneous, joyful, creative thoughts & feelings. You don't need artistic skills to create beautiful wall-worthy, sparktacular pieces of beautiful art .

Diamond painting is an effort-driven, repetitive motion, purposeful craftivity(TM) with critical mental & emotional health benefits needed for any struggle.

Create Diamond art

Diamond Painting is Simple & Restorative

Crosstitch meets paint by number, meets a girl's best friend.

Digital images are composed of single tiny color units called pixels that combine to form a complete image.

each pixel on a diamond painting canvas is labeled with a symbol & covered with the corresponding assigned Color. watch your art come to life and the sparkle take flight as you paint your canvas with diamonds.

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Calm Your

Sooth Your Soul.

Ignite your

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